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APA - The Engineered Wood Association

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A Dry Idea: Run your kitchen's exhaust fan while using the dishwasher, cooking, or otherwise creating moisture, and leave it running for 20 minutes after use. Do the same for your bathroom or laundry room fans. This vents any residual moisture in the air.

APA's Free From Mold ten point protection plan □ Replace discolored, cracked, or worn caulk around plumbing fixtures, paying close attention to the tub/shower enclosure.

□ Remove all old caulk using chemical caulk remover, putty knife, or other blunt-end, thin tool. Never apply fresh caulk over older caulk. Wipe away any soap scum.

□ Fill the tub or sink with water. The weight will stretch the gap between the fixture and the wall.

□ Using a caulk gun held at 45 degrees, push the bead ahead of the nozzle.

□ Use a spoon dipped in soapy water to apply a smooth finish before the caulk cures.

□ Check the grout around wall and floor tiles, especially in tiled showers. Replace as needed.

□ Use tile and marble sealers annually or as recommended by manufacturers.

Because APA has no control over quality of workmanship or the conditions under which engineered wood products are used, it cannot accept responsibility of product performance or designs as actually constructed. Consult your local jurisdiction or design professional to assure compliance with code, construction, and performance requirements.